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Chất lượng âm thanh Acoustic Control

The science of sound is what acoustics is called – a word that stems from the Greek “akoustos”, which means "listen". Acoustics have important applications in all areas of life.

Am hoc

The desired effect of acoustics will naturally always depend on the function or the purpose of a room. For instance, acoustics that meet the requirements for a concert hall are not suitable for a classroom. All acoustic requirements are expressed as physical, measurable quantities, such as reverberation time.

Reducing reverberation time and echo by improving the sound absorption performance of walls and ceilings will help improve speech intelligibility (the quality of speech transfer to the listener) along with indoor acoustic comfort.

At Gyproc - Vinh Tuong, we offer innovative solutions for walls and ceilings to improve sound absorption and acoustic performance within all kinds of settings.

From an office to a concert hall, a hotel to a school, a good acoustic experience can make all the difference. Our solutions can provide you with the best possible sound quality, whatever the environment.

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