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The World Medical Centre

Bangkok, Thailand

The world medical centre

The World Medical Centre in Bangkok is the first hospital in Southeast Asia and Pacific region to attain an international standard in both quality of services and risk management, including the risk of infection. It is recognized by the US Centres for Medicare and Medicaid, and certified by ISQua, an international society that is dedicated to safe, quality healthcare worldwide.


  • Project needed to complete in a short time
  • Choosing materials that could be quickly installed and have a modern appearance
  • The office area was designed to be easily installed, light-weight, time-saving and adjustable to various uses
  • The building emphasizes energy saving;  conduction heat materials are minimized and the walls do not transfer heat into the building


  • Gyproc Framing ML50A + Gyproc Regular Board
  • GypWall Robust: Type 1+ GypWall Robust C62@ 0.60 m + Gyproc DuraLine 13 mm / GypWall Robust: Type 2+ GypWall Robust C62@ 0.60 m + Gyproc DuraLine 13mm + Glass wool 24 kg./m3 / GypLyner @ bracket 0.6m + DuraLine 13mm 

Project information


Bangkok Chain Hospital Pcl.

Main contractor

Excon Construction Co., Ltd.


Real Estate Planning Consultants Co., Ltd


GYPROC CUSTOMER SERVICE Tel: 08-3930-7273 ext. 302