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Why join Saint-Gobain?

At Saint-Gobain, we believe our people are our greatest asset. Our aim is to ensure that every employee is provided with the opportunity to use their skills and knowledge to make a contribution to the sustained success of the business in Vietnam and, in doing that, to develop themselves and their careers. Special attention is paid to ensuring work is challenging, varied and enjoyable, encouraging innovation and rewarding employees for good performance. We adopt a de-centralized and progressive approach in everything we do including employee personal training and development, reward structures and career progression. Campus Saint-Gobain, an in-house ‘university’, and management ‘Carrefours’ are just two ways in which Saint-Gobain develops the managerial and strategic skills of it’s employees. Open dialogue and sharing of knowledge is both encouraged and promoted heavily through the use of a wide range of communications vehicles including internal magazines, bulletins and intranets. Saint-Gobain strives to be the reference for sustainable habitat. The company sets an exemplary standard for all our processes, products and services throughout their life cycle, setting stringent Environment, Health and Safety objectives to reduce the EHS impacts of the company’s activities which are periodically reviewed for continual improvement.

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Working in Saint-Gobain

Saint-Gobain is committed to maximizing the potential of every single one of its employees. Individual and team contributions are recognized and rewarded according to how they contribute to group success. Effective recruitment, active retention, and individual development programs are practised with long term career progression in mind and to ensure we maintain a team of effective, adaptable and well-motivated individuals who will keep the company at the forefront of the construction industry in Vietnam.

Group Principles of Conduct and Action


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Professional commitment

means mobilising to the best of one’s ability the knowledge and know-how of the individual and also calls for training to keep both up to date. It requires personal commitment and a willingness to take on the tasks assigned and to acquire knowledge necessary to do the job. It implies the effective contribution of each person in caring particularly for the environment and for worker health and safety.

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Respect for others

is an absolute prerequisite for the professional and personal development of each person. It applies throughout the Group worldwide. 
It implies an acceptance of pluralism and other cultures and of people of all origins. 
It is expressed in a readiness to listen to others, to inform, to explain, and to engage in dialogue.

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requires a rigorous adherence to probity in all professional activities. It means that no individual may compromise the interests of the Group entrusted to that individual in favour of his or her own private interests – whether in dealing within the Group or in dealing on behalf of the Group with third parties,whatever local practices might be. Detailed rules of conduct may be adopted for certain categories of Group personnel where the nature of their responsibilities so requires.


requires honesty and fairness in dealing with superiors, colleagues, subordinates and third parties dealing with the Group. In particular, it is incompatible with the pursuit of self-interest where the latter conflicts with the goals of the individual company or the Group as a whole. It implies the adherence to the guidelines and internal rules of individual companies and of the Group.


is based on a sense of individual responsibility at work,which prevails over self-centered thinking. It encourages team work and bringing out the best in each person, in order to achieve the objectives of the company and the Group.
It means rejecting management or operational methods geared more to the self-satisfaction of given individuals rather than the interests of the individual company or the Group as a whole.


The Saint-Gobain Group wishes to set out the principles of action which govern the activities of all management teams and employees in the exercise of their professional responsibilities, regardless of the country involved.
These principles of action(1) help us achieve responsible and sustainable growth, in accordance with the Group's long-term strategy. 

(1) They are intended to embody the OECD Guidelines for Multinational Enterprises, adopted in June 2000.

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Respect for the law

All Group companies must apply in all areas all laws and regulations of the countries where they do business. Particular attention is drawn to the areas described below.
All Group companies must prohibit all actions which might breach applicable norms of competition law. They must refrain from any form of financing political parties or activities, even if allowed under local law. They must also reject all forms of active or passive corruption whether in domestic or international transactions(2).
Furthermore,Group companies must not exploit loopholes or inadequacies in any such laws or regulations where this would mean non-compliance with the norms of the Saint-Gobain Group in the areas described below. 

(2) Covered by the OECD Convention on Combating Bribery of Foreign Public Officials in International Business Transactions of 17th December 1997

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Caring for the environment

Group companies are to actively promote the protection of the environment. 
All company sites,wherever they are located, must be managed in a way that allows the setting of clear environmental targets and the regular monitoring of environmental performances and measuring the same against these targets. 
They must strive to raise the main relevant environmental performance standards of their own sites to the level of particularly effective performance standards found in the Group for comparable sites – even if that means going beyond the requirements of local legislation.

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Worker health and safety

Group companies are to take particular care to adopt all measures necessary to ensure the best possible protection against health and safety risks in the workplace.
They must adopt risk reduction policies and follow-up on the due application of the same, checking actual results against the applicable standards. Such policies apply both to their own employees and to employees of sub-contractors, when the latter are working on a Group site.
They must strive to raise the main relevant health and safety performance standards of their own sites to the levels of particularly effective performance standards found in the Group for comparable sites – even if that means going beyond the requirements of local legislation.

Employee rights

Group companies must scrupulously ensure that employees’ rights are respected. They must promote an active dialogue with their employees.
In addition, and without limitation, they must respect the following rules, even if not provided for by applicable local law. They must refrain from any form of recourse to forced labour, compulsory labour, or child labour(3) – whether directly or indirectly or through sub-contractors when the latter are working on a Group site; and they must refrain from any form of discrimination with respect to their employees, whether in the recruitment process, at hiring, or during or at the end of the employment relationship. 

(3) As defined by the applicable Conventions of the International Labour Organisation

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