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Global drywall industry prospers due to assured crack-free surface. Yet, improper installation and use of wrong jointing materials increase risk of cracks developing in drywalls. Even cement plasters have more cracks. Thus, to achieve highest performance, always follow recommended installation guidelines and use proper paper tape rather than other materials.

The hollow sound produced when knocking on the wall does not demonstrate acoustic performance quality. The cavity of a drywall system is the cause of the hollow sound effect. Yet, hollow structure is the key to excellent acoustic, thermal, fire and strength performance.

Like any type of wall, insect preventive method is a very important stage during the construction. Plus, proper installation of drywall systems will ensure there is no room for insects and rodents to enter the cavity.

A brick wall with a thickness of 110 mm (plastered both sides) gives average sound insulation of 40 dB while a drywall system of similar thickness can achieve up to 49 dB.

No partitions or walls using traditional materials can give better sound insulation than a drywall system of similar thickness.

All drywall systems have a limited deflection of L/240 subjected to 200Pa pressure, which constitutes achieving the highest safety and strength standards. It is also necessary to take studs structure into consideration because wrong choice of studs can adversely affect the strength of the partition. For high security walls, with proper system application, drywalls can achieve the highest international safety standards.

Vietnam has high average humidity (84%). The average temperature is 22-270C. For many years, Gypsum materials are used commonly in countries of even higher humidity as compared to Vietnam such as Thailand, Singapore, Malaysia (humidity >90%),…  Therefore, it is absolutely that this material can be used in Vietnam.

Every type of wall needs water proofing system in place, even with brick walls. With proper system application and water proofing, drywall is totally suitable for wet area application. With wet areas, such as latrines, bathrooms,... Gyproc Moisture Resistant Plasterboard is the perfect choice. 

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