Saint-Gobain Vietnam Ltd.
9th Floor, IPC Tower
1489 Nguyen Van Linh Street, Dist 7, HCM City

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We improve well-being in living spaces, for all buildings’ occupants, by providing innovative, effective and sustainable dry lining and ceiling solutions.

thạch cao gyproc
An Ethical and Experienced pioneer of gypsum

We have over a century of expertise in optimizing the use of this construction raw material, which has unique, naturally occurring properties of fire resistance, humidity control, and infinite recyclability. We are extremely conscious of our responsibility towards minimizing the environmental impact of our activities in sourcing gypsum, so we participate in large-scale land restoration and recycling initiatives from the extraction of the raw material right through to the end of life of our products.

PlacoⓇ is an environmentally friendly company. It restores the land it uses for quarrying, guaranteeing the same biodiversity that existed beforehand.

Patrick Dupin, Deputy Mayor, France

Thach cao Gyproc
Well-being at the Heart of Your Habitat

Whether your space is a home, workplace or public amenity, we help to create indoor living spaces that benefit your well-being and health as well as your ability to work effectively. We do this through the design and delivery of innovative, efficient, sustainable and lightweight interior building systems and solutions, which improve your indoor environment through better thermal control, acoustics, aesthetics, and air quality.

Gyproc’s acoustic solutions contribute to better resting and healing in healthcare surroundings, where there are often very noisy areas due to heavy traffic.

Andrew Hopkins, Hospital Operator, UAE

A Glocal Brand you can rely on

With over 12,000 employees across 135 sites in 56 countries, we have an extensive global network combined with in-depth knowledge of local markets. This gives you immediate access to international best practice in our interior building systems and solutions. Above all, we value and invest in long-term customer relationships and we train 20,000 staff each year, so that you can continue to rely on the integrity of our people, products and processes.

All of the staff I have come across at Rigips are very well trained and they have shown a thorough knowledge of the market here.

Bogdan Baclea, Real Estate Developer, Romania

Thach cao Gyproc
Collaboration at each Stage of Construction

We constantly communicate with, and listen carefully to the needs of, all of our customers at each stage of construction. Whether you are an architect, contractor, project manager, distributor or end user, we work closely with you to ensure that we incorporate your valuable feedback into the continuous innovation and improvements in the performance of our products, systems, and processes.

“Thanks to Gyproc’s perforated gypsum ceilings, I can design aesthetically pleasing and contemporary interiors for my clients. They’ve taken my feedback on board and actioned it.

Søren Christensen, Architect, Denmark

Technical Consultant Center Tel: 1900 1108

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