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fire protection performance Fire Resistance

Fire safety is a huge concern for everyone, and by law, is a compulsory performance standard for every type of building.

Your safety is our top priority. Gyproc - Vinh Tuong solutions are designed to meet the legal fire resistance standards and more besides.

tuong thach cao chong chay

Our systems and components are rigorously fire tested and certified to provide up to 120 minutes of fire performance, while being able to achieve up to 180 minutes in reality. They help to stop fire spreading and, due to the unique properties of the gypsum plasterboard linings, also help to slow temperature rises and retain the integrity of structures, providing extra, valuable time for evacuation and fire-fighting.


Rest assured that every Gyproc - Vinh Tuong system is designed to provide the level of fire performance needed.

Systems and solutions recommended for this performance

Technical Consultant Center Tel: 1900 1108

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