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Saint-Gobain Viet Nam built 50 houses for installers

Saint-Gobain Vietnam and its sister company Vinh Tuong launched 3rd year charity program called “For the home of installers” to build houses for underprivileged gypsum installers. After three years, 50 houses have been built and handed over to this influencing group.

Installers received houses from the program are loyal installers with great behavior but not fortunate in life.  Every day, they have to struggle in earning a living; their families are dealing with hard diseases, loan debt… Hence, there is no way that they can afford to have a real house.

Building a house for them, therefore, is not just giving them a shelter but bringing them a brighter future.

This year, there are total 26 houses built, out of which 25 houses supported both companies’ budget and one house donated individually by all management and staff of Saint-Gobain Vietnam.

The charity program receives big awareness from the press and the public, good supports from the local authorities and great financial contribution from distributors, suppliers, architects and all staff of both companies.

The total value gathered for this program in three years is around US$ 150,000

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