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When travelling away from home, whether for business or leisure, a good night's sleep is always crucial to a hotel guest's well-being. However, travellers nowadays don’t just expect a solid sleep and relaxing atmosphere, they are also seeking safe but sophisticated as well as aesthetic surroundings.

trần thạch cao đẹp
Besides, hotels are not only offering comfortable accommodation but also space for offices, conferences, spas, restaurants and nightclubs... Those different but combining services produce inherently noisy environments and hence must cope with a variety of acoustic challenges: such as how to control noise from restautrants/ clubs or from equipment operation that will not impact the environment of bedrooms; how to ensure sound quality in conference rooms so that people can talk and be heard clearly.

Khach san dep

Gyproc - Vinh Tuong offers an extensive range of ceiling and drywall systems, based on international performance standards, that meets the demands of both developers and guests, particularly in areas such as acoustics, fire safety and security.

Moreover, with a large degree of flexibility in installation, our solutions also provide exceptionally aesthetic and pleasing spaces that will ensure high levels of comfort and satisfaction for guests.

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